Clinical Vista
CV-home Clinical Vista Home makes practice Management effortless, effective and affordable...
Easy sync up between Clinical Vista Virtual Pharmacy and your Clinic’s Pharmacy.
Eliminate tedious paperwork and run a more productive practice.
Clinical Vista
Home With App
CV-home Clinical Vista Home with App is perfect for healthcare providers who work in multiple locations in same log in...
Track and manage patient on the go with Clinical Vista smart Apps.
Smart Prescribe Medications to Patient at Any Time with Clinical Vista Smart App.
Clinical Vista
CV-home Take the performance of your clinical operations a notch up by using the full suite of clinical operation management tools...
Quick Access to Your Patient’s Medical History and Reports in Real-time.
e-Prescribe Medication, Lab Procedures, Imaging Tests
Clinical Vista
Enterprise – Advantage
CV-home Powerful functionality and practical usability of working offline through the choice of on-premise server application...
Allows Multi-level User Sign-ins for Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists and Accountants.
No internet required
Download the application today apple_store apple_store apple_store Windows Desktop app can be directly downloaded from "Direct Download for Windows Desktop" tab. Kindly review the Terms and Conditions of Use & Privacy Policy prior to registration and download.
1 Remote Patient Case Management

Better Manage Registrations, Admissions, Diagnosis, Treatment of Patients

1 Physician Practice Management On the Go

Review the List of Outpatients and Manage Medical Cases Remotely

1 Comprehensive Appointment Management

Schedule and Send Reminders of Upcoming Procedures through Push Notifications with the Clinical Vista mobile App.

1 Improved Quality of Care

Real-Time Diagnosis, Planning and Tracking of Treatment.

1 Secure Access to Lab and Procedures

Prescribe Tests and Get Instant Access to Clinical Summaries, Procedures and Test Results.

1 Store Patient Health Records

Review each Patient's Profile at a Glance, with their Medical History, Personal Information and Assessment Notes.

1 Access to Patients Medical Records

PHR/EHRs including Records of Medical History, Diagnosis, Prescriptions, Surgical Procedures and Lab Results.

1 E-Prescribing with One Click Print Functionality

Prescribe Medication in Easy Steps, Email them to the Client.

1 Smart Messaging and Chat Feature

For Secure Physician-Patient Communication to Avoid Missed Calls and Voice Messages.

1 Quick and Error Free Medical Billing

Generate email Bills and Share it with Your Patients

Physicians/Healthcare Providers Doct Clinical Vista helps Physicians and Healthcare Providers to better connect with their patients, improve clinical workflows and stay informed on their patients' health.
  • Improved Operational Workflow for your Practice
  • Easy Communication with Your Patients
  • Increase Patient Compliance and engagement
  • Eliminate the possibility of Patient No shows
  • Remote Patient Monitoring to Proactively Manage Progress
Patients Doct Clinical Vista can significantly enhance your outpatient experience and help you better manage your health. It is easy to use for the elderly; and technology focused for the youth.
  • Easy quick communication with the clinical staff
  • Send appointment reminders, treatment instructions, medication reminders and test results
  • Benefit from Personalised Care
  • Realtime Access to Medical Health Records Just a Click Away
Clinical Vista is an integrated mobile enabled patient care management system that provides healthcare practitioners (physicians and caretakers) secure access to patients’ information from anywhere and at anytime and allows them to administer critical care remotely. The application also allows patients access to their vital information and medical records from anywhere. The application provides a platform for a more streamlined patient-physician interaction helping them make better and faster decisions, collaborate and improve healthcare services. Clinical Vista is useful for physicians, caretakers and patients.

Improved Care Quality – patients can access their information from anywhere.

Reduced Cost – eliminates the paper-based charges.

Streamlined Workflow – allows access of data and information upload in a structured manner

Faster Decisions – users can access the data easily and at anytime.